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Brother and Sister by matildarose Brother and Sister by matildarose
Watercolor and Ink, 8 x 10

A present I did for a good friend's baby shower. Again, the scan does not do it justice, but I wasn't planning on offering this as a print! That's why I often say to clients who want me to do a watercolor for them: go the extra mile and pay for shipping so you can have the real thing! I'm very good at color matching and calibrating my work, but nothing will ever beat the actual watercolor.

My friend wanted something that would give a clue to her son as to how to take care of his soon-to-come baby sister. I chose to do a watercolor, which I framed and made a mat using some lovely green handmade paper. The flowers each stand for something consistently in flower language- believe me, that was a hard one to manage! Some flowers have various meanings, good and bad, and some would have a chaste meaning, then one that's about romantic love. Not a good thing for a brother and sister! The meanings are thus:

Fennel: Strength
Blue Violet: Faithfulness
White Heather: Protection

The quote was chosen due to it meaning that both are their own separate person, but together, they can achieve even greater things. My own brother and I were separate, different people, but we still loved each other, and, when I was in trouble, my brother stood by me. I wish to impart that same advice to the new big brother- you can still be yourself, and your sister may go a different way from you, but in the end, that bond between you is something that cannot ever be replaced.
Always-Scheming Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2011
I love the proverb. :)
parsnip39 Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2011
This is a perfect baby shower present!!! Job well done!!!! I love that you picked flowers based on their meanings!
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June 5, 2011
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