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August 8, 2010
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cattism no. 33 by matildarose cattism no. 33 by matildarose
cattism no. 33: "make sure your plastic bags are biodegradable."

Inspired by Cleo, my mom's cat, who finds licking plastic grocery bags as irresistible as catnip. .... We don't know why.

A sharp commenter revealed that plastic in general is only UV-degradable; this is why we should be glad cats are not on environmental committees. After all, even if committees can make decisions that others may disagree with, their decisions are not based on what materials feel good when you lick them. Generally.

Watercolor & Ink, 8'x10"

Full view is recommended.
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RebeccaTripp Aug 11, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
*sigh* I have a bag-licking cat too. I've got three right now, but all the other cats in the neighbourhood come to visit me.
Thisisyourname May 26, 2011
so does my cat! xD
we end up yelling at her and moves her away from the bag... which she goes back to later -__-
Hehewuti May 12, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I thought my cat was the only one who did this XD It's really comforting to know she's not.
JenniferWeiler May 12, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
Lmao that's a good one. XD
Deviantly-Atheist May 12, 2011   General Artist
Cute as a button! My cat doesn't lick bags though, never heard of that one. He just loves to make as much noise as possible when you give him a bag. And uses it as a sled across the wood floors.
NaylaSmith May 12, 2011  Student General Artist
I love these so much! I'm gonna look at all of them~

And my cat Stella also licks plastic bags, I'm sure she'd happily sit there licking for half an hour if I let her lol
matildarose May 13, 2011   Traditional Artist
Yeah, one of my cats does the same- I used to think it was strange until I found out that there were many cats who did the same exact thing. Psuedo-wrongly-placed environmental concerns aside, I think they like the way their tongue feels on it.
NaylaSmith May 18, 2011  Student General Artist
Yes, I think you're right. Licking might also be a way of exploring their surroundings, as some cats tend to lick random objects. They're just odd creatures.. That's what I love about your cattisms, they really are spot on portrayals of cat weirdness!
matildarose May 18, 2011   Traditional Artist
Thank you!
Nyappy-muffin May 12, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
My cat Sparky does the same thing xD
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